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end_the_TREND_Black_KO_LRI wanted to take a few minutes and explain why I’m doing this.In August of 2009 I was in the601558_6904 worst shape of my life. I wasn’t exercising and I wasn’t eating right. I had high blood pressure; my sugar was borderline high, bad heartburn and kidney issues. All I ate was junk. I had never dieted. I finally decided I wanted to change this part of my life.
I ordered P90X from the TV infomercial and began to do the workouts and follow the eating plan. Within a couple of weeks I was seeing results. I WAS HOOKED! Today, I’m 51 and in the best shape of my life!
One of the main reasons for my success was the coaching program. My coach guided me, gave me advice, answeredIMG_4562 questions, motivated me and cared about me getting to my goals. I thought this was amazing.
I got the results and wanted to be part of this incredible movement to get this to the public. I wanted to pay it forward!
Beachbody is not just fitness programs. We have 3 staples to the business. 1. Fitness (P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire etc) 2. Nutrition (recovery drink, Shakeology etc) and 3. Support – This is the most important part of BB and it’s FREE. Simply click the join for FREE button to create your profile. You are on your way to the best support system out there, and it’s FREE. You have nothing to lose but inches and Goo!

I’ve been a coach for about 5 years now and it is the most inspiring, uplifting thing I’ve ever done. Everyone wants to be a part of something. (A winning team, a big happy family, great friends etc…) This is something bigger then life and it gets bigger and better every day. This was one of my better decisions in life to become a coach and be part of this world wide movement to help myself and others get healthy and stay there.

If you want to be part of this movement of helping yourself and others get fit become a coach now. This is the best time. We are growing every day! You won’t regret it. I sure haven’t!

update – Here’s an email I received –
This is what it’s all about!

Hi tom, just checking in and wanted to let you know that on Monday i started the insanity program and began drinking the shakeology…love those drinks…after only 5 days I am feeling better, sleep better and don’t have as many stomach issues as before since my husband and I are eating all healthy meals…what a terrific way to live!!

thanks for all your encouragement,

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