Why Become a Beachbody Coach? I get many questions regarding why become a Beachbody coach? I didn’t start out as a coach either. I was a satisfied customer that used the products and was getting results. It was after a year or so that I decided to to earn some extra cash while helping others […]

FIIT4 gets you lean & strong in just 4 days a week!

FIIT4 gets you lean & strong in just 4 days a week! Happy Summer, I’m starting the Coaches Test group with Joel and other coaches on July 16th and I’m very excited! For the next 8 weeks I’ll  work hard and update everyone on my progress. This program gets you lean and strong in just 4 […]

10 Tips for a Thinner Thanksgiving

10 Tips for a Thinner Thanksgiving Please check out this 10 tips for a thinner thanksgiving article by Kathleen M. Zelman. Staying on course through the holidays helps keep you on course all year! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. t Enjoy the holiday feast without the guilt — or the weight gain. By Kathleen M. […]

The All New Beachbody On Demand

The All New Beachbody On Demand The all new Beachbody On Demand has a new look! Now you can filter your workouts by type, time, trainer, and fitness level. We also brought all of our trusted fitness and nutrition content directly inside Beachbody on Demand and revamped the community and message board experience. Take it […]


NEW for July I hope you are enjoying your summer.  It sure goes by fast. I was at the beach for a couple of weeks and really enjoyed my time off. It;s great to get away and rest the mind and body! Here’s what’s new for July. 1. New program called Shift Shop ( I started it on […]

Introducing the New Shakeology

 Introducing the New Shakeology From Beachbody: At Beachbody, our goal is to help you achieve your best results. Our comprehensive approach combines fitness, nutrition, and support — it’s a proven formula that has helped millions of people completely transform their lives. And when we can make one of those pillars even better, we do! Hopefully, you’re […]

Keep your New Years Resolution!

Keep Your New Years Resolution Hi guys, Tom here. Remember that resolution you made to get in better shape? Let me help you keep your New Years Resolution! You may have joined a gym and may have even gone a few times. What happened? Kids, Work, special occasion, something came up, I’ll start next week? […]

One Easy Way to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain

One Easy Way to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain Hi gang, Here’s a vg article by Dr, Haley Purlus. This also falls right into my #endofyearresolution challenge. I encourage all of you do start now with your program. What is your goal? A great program, support, diet and incentives will greatly increase your chances of […]

Beachbody Health Bet

Beachbody Health Bet Need a little motivation to work out? We bet this will get you pumped. Introducing the Beachbody Health Bet Beachbody is giving away over $1 million and you can automatically qualify to split a piece of the prize! All you have to do is participate in a Challenge Group on the My […]

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