What’s all the hype about Beachbody Coaching?

end_the_TREND_Blk-Blu_LRHi everyone,
Team Beachbody Coaching is more than just selling products and making money. It’s a lifestyle and a passion. My journey started in August 2009. I was 44 and felt like 64 when I saw the P90X ad and ordered it. I was still worried about making the commitment but I knew I wanted to change. Once I logged on to Teambeachbody the worries went away. I love the support we get from everyone on the Beachbody Team. I could not have changed my life without the help, support and motivation of everyone on my team and especially my coach who guided and motivated me through the tough first year.

I wanted to give back. What better way than to become a coach myself. I’ve been motivating and helping folks reach their fitness and nutrition goals for over 4 years now.

To be a successful coach you need to have a WHY. Why do you want to coach? Why do you want to help others achieve their goals?
For me, my WHY, is my family. I want to spend more time with my kids, see their plays, their sports, hang out with them, spend more time with them instead of 3 hrs a day before bed. I want extra money for college and warm weather vacations.
Have you ever seen the commercial where the guy asks “ if you could be anything you wanted, what would it be?” Well my answer is a Beachbody coach because I can workout every day, help others reach their fitness goals, see my family, work part time from home and make money. That’s my perfect job!

As a coach you are basically paying it forward. By you yourself using the products and relying on your coach (me) you can now help someone too. You can make a difference in someone’s health and fitness and End The Trend. End The Trend is a phrase BB uses to stop obesity.

As a coach I don’t go around selling products. Coaches share their experiences with the products they use. Kind of like the shampoo commercial of telling 2 friends and so on and so on. We are walking billboards of the products we use. I simply tell my story. I’m sure you’ve either been involved in or hear conversations all the time about people dieting, their gym, their spin class etc. This is your in to tell your story.
Person 1 “ I just hate waiting for the machines at my gym. It takes me an hr to get through my workout” me – “ really, I’d hate that. That’s why I did P90X at home and lost 30 lbs.!” Not only do you get the program, you get the nutrition and the support you need to reach your goal. I’ll take that over any gym.” Person 1 – tell me more! (you get the idea).

My main objective as well as my team’s is relationships, trust and helping others. Anyone can hard sell you something you don’t need. Would you come back to me? No. what good is that!
The best way that I know how to pay it forward is to be that walking billboard, help others, and be there for anyone that wants to take control of their lives and feel better about themselves. I get motivated by motivating others. There’s nothing better than getting that thank you note explaining how my motivation and caring helped them reach their goals. Its awesome!

What a Beachbody Coach is not:

We are not fitness or weight-loss experts. You just need to be ready to commit to changing your life and inspire others to do the same. It’s important to be a product of the product. The walking billboard, I like to say.

Being a Beachbody Coach IS NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme. It takes work. If you aren’t willing to put in the time and effort you aren’t going to succeed. The Beachbody Motto is “Be Here in A YEAR”, that means give this business 100% for a year and you will succeed. Beachbody has several tutorials and online training to help you build as well as your coach and your coach’s team to help you. You are not alone.

What do you do as a Beachbody Coach?

Beachbody was always excellent at selling product and bringing in customers. The problem was getting people to stick to the program and weight loss goals. The president of BB decided to let the customers do the talking. Why not have folks who’ve made it through the programs, guide others who are just starting? The Beachbody Coach was born.

1. Push play! If you are going to “talk the talk,” you have to “walk the walk.”
Become a product of the product, like I mentioned above.

2. Your job is to simply respond to questions that your customers might have (via email) regarding Beachbody products, programs, and provide them with support and encouragement.
You can help your customers decide which dvd program they might want to try next or which supplement program they may want to be taking. You are paid commissions on any for those purchases.

3. Host challenge groups to incorporate accountability and one-on-one support.
Build, support, and encourage your own team of Coaches.


There is a one time $39.95 registration fee. You get a Coach kit, websites including an online marketing storefront, back office, and 25% discount on all beachbody products. The fee is waived if you purchase a Challenge Pack and/or are Active Military or a Non-Profit organization.

Monthly business services fee of $15.95 after your first month which includes marketing website, hosting, back-office, customer list, videos, tools, training, and more!
Optional Club Membership is $38.86 (billed quarterly)

If you want to start your own business, this is a great way to start. I guess you could buy a Subway franchise for a couple of hundred thousand dollars or 40 bucks once and then 15 bucks a month plus your shakeology cost? I’ll take that cost any day. Besides within a month or so, your shakes will be free. You’ll be making enough money to cover all expenses.

Get on Home Direct with Shakeology. This will keep your status active so you can make team bonuses.

Need some more info? Check out this info below:
Frequently Asked Questions About Beachbody Coaching
Compensation Plan
Statement of Earnings

If you like working out and helping others Coaching could be for YOU?

You don’t have to start coaching alone! Its my job to provide you with the tools to succeed. I also have a very experienced team to help you.

Check out this video and contact me with any questions or interest.

This is a great time to be a Beachbody Coach. Give it a shot. You have nothing to lose but inches!

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