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What is The Beachbody Challenge you ask? It’s a health and fitness transformation competition. Commit to get fit and share the results you achieve with any Beachbody program. You’ll automatically get a free  T-shirt for completing the challenge. If your transformation is selected as the BEST in your age and gender category (18 – 29, 30 – 39, 40 – 49, 50+) you could win up to $100,000! Ready to win?

The Beachbody Challenge is designed to reward you with an amazing total-body transformation—and it also rewards you with a FREE T-SHIRT and the chance to win big:

  • $500 Daily
  • $1,000 Monthly
  • $5,000 Quarterly
  • $100,000 Annual Grand Prize

Plus, if your transformation includes Shakeology, Ultimate Reset, or other Beachbody supplements, you’ll become eligible for the Ultimate Health Transformation prize of $25,000!

The best way to stay motivated for The Beachbody Challenge and get in shape fast is by doing it with a community of others who have the same goals as you. Joining a Beachbody Challenge Group is a fun, exciting way to get the constant inspiration and encouragement you need to stay committed and achieve your fastest results.
If you’re a free member and have a beachbody dashboard page,  you’re doing, have done or are about to start a program, sign right up through your homepage. If you don’t have a free dashboard you can sign up for free coaching here.  Once you have your dashboard click on Beachbody Challenge. Good luck!

By entering the free contest, exercising to the program of your choice, following the nutrition plan, and using me, your coach to help motivate you and be here to guide you you could win a great prize. You will definitely change how you look and how you feel. It’s a win, win situation! I know I could use 100k. Work out, get in shape, win 100k. Yea, I’m In !!

Enter today. Don’t wait. Now is the time to get on your path to the healthier you.

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