Thanks for Motivating Me!

The weather here has been killer all week. Temps close to or over 100 degrees and the humidity as high as can be. I was also being lazy but still got 5 workouts in. I just kept on myself to do it as well as checking on the many friends I have throught the workout and motivation world! It’s not just me motivating and helping them reach their goals, I need motivation and a push too once in a while.
There’s no bigger motivation to me that when a person sends me a note thanking me for geting them started on the right path or suggesting a routine or even just being supportive and listening to their issue.
This is the biggest motivation a Beachbody coach can get. This is what gets me out of my lazyness and want to do my workouts. I feel the best way to motivate and help people is to make sure I am doing what I preach. I have great freinds that help each other along our paths and this motivates me to be a better person. Paying it forward is an incredible feeling. I will continue to do this and I hope you allow me to continue to help you or start to help you. Click the Free Coaching tab for info.

A bitter sweet note today. I opened my latest one on one today and discovered it was the last one ever. I’m going to miss the monthly DVD’s with Tony Horton goofing around in his basement but working your butt off. The cardio workouts are my favorite and we’ll be doing them this Fall during Fit Club at Taylor School in Foxboro. There are a few from volumn ! I’m missing so I’ll end up getting those too. They really are fun to mix into your workout routines.

Stay cool.

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