Summer-Size Your Workouts

BLC-newsletter-nm-community_02I saw this in a Biggest Loser Email a received today! Excellent advice that I take myself. Living in Foxboro MA with two young children forces you to be active. Dad, can you play tag, play tennis, catch, frisbee, vollyball, ride bikes…. the list goes on and on.
Sometimes I just want to lay there (especially by the pool) but most of the time I’ll get off my butt and play for a bit. The kids like it, I feel better and I’m burning those calories!

Summer-Size Your Workouts
How to burn off calories, summer-style

Staying in weight-loss mode takes more than cutting calories: Burning calories via exercise is equally important part of the pounds-off equation. Here’s how to take advantage of special summer opportunities to burn more

• Spend the sunshine bonus before you eat the barbecue goodies. Long days mean more opportunities to fit exercise into your busy schedule. Got a barbecue after work? Get up a half-hour earlier that morning for a quick walk, or bring sunscreen, a hat, sneakers and a water bottle to work—you could stroll at midday if the sun’s not too hot or grab a half-hour walk at quitting time, before you head off for fun.

• Seize glorious good-weather days—even on the road. Take advantage of all that warm sunshine whenever you can. Keep walking gear in the car, in a desk drawer, or by your front door. Got a spare 15 minutes? Stopping at a rest stop? Take a walk. You can clock a half-mile to a mile in 15 minutes, depending on your walking speed. You’ll burn 50-100 calories.

• Never sit when you can play volleyball at a picnic. Even if you hated gym class or were the last kid picked for neighborhood kickball games, you can be one of those sweaty, happy people playing lawn games during the next picnic or barbecue. Your game plan: Run around with enthusiasm, try your best to whack the ball occasionally, laugh loud and often. The bonus: You’ll rediscover something all kids know: Playing is better fun than recreational eating.

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