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Hello and thanks for your interest in Shakeology! I’m really excited about this excellent nutritional supplement. Take some time to look over the ingredients. You’ll see that it is absolutely the healthiest meal of the day. Please contact me for more information. Please note that Shakeology is not designed to be mixed with just water. At 140 calories, it needs something added to it to be a real meal replacement. Mix Chocolate with milk (or almond milk) fruit and/or peanut butter (or almond butter) and ice. Mix Greenberry with any kind of juice and any kind of fruit and ice. To change the thickness, you can add ice to the blender too. I usually add 1 ½ hands full which makes it thick enough but still goes through a straw if I want.
You can also find great recipes at: Shakeology is well worth the $129.99 price tag. When you break it down, that works out to about $4.00 per day. That’s about the cost of your average coffee drink and less then a value meal from your local fast food place, which is typically loaded with sugars. Despite this value, there are a couple of ways you can save some extra money on Shakeology.
One way to save money is to get on “Home Direct”. You’ll see this option in my web store. Home Direct is an auto-ship program that will ship your Shakeology to you automatically every 30 days. That way you never run out. People on Home Direct receive $2.00 Shipping and Handling on all their Shakeology orders. That works out to a savings about $7.00 per order, depending on where you live. You can cancel this order at any time.
The second way to cut your Shakeology costs is to become a Beachbody Club Member. The Club costs about $2.99 per week. The charges are billed quarterly in the amount of $38.98. In addition to a wealth of nutritional information, Club Members receive a 10% discount on all products. Club Members on Home Direct also receive free Shipping and Handling.
The third way to save is to become a Beachbody Coach. There is a monthly charge of $15.95 a month to maintain the wholesale account. Many people sign up because of the discount – as a coach you get a 25% discount on all Beachbody products, including Shakeology. So the price of Shakeology becomes $95.95 ($30 less) but when you factor in the coach fee, its $15 less every month. The Home Direct Shipping and Handling fee waiver also applies to Coaches, so you can save quite a bit by becoming a Beachbody Coach.
All these options above include the 30 day money back guarantee. That’s the bottom of the bag guarantee. If you don’t like it, send it back, even if you used the whole bag! No other product offers that kind of guarantee. It’s that good!
Feel free to call or email me to discuss any of these options.


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