Primal Blue Print – 21 Days to a New You

logoAs you know, I’m a huge Mark Sisson fan and follow his Primal Blue Print way of life the best I can. His third book just came out. I ordered it last week and got it on Saturday. I plan on reading it this week. It’s called The Primal Blue Print 21 Day Total Body Transformation. Click here for a link to his site and the book.

I never had abs until I started eating this way. I keep my carbs around 125 grams a day and only try to eat natural foods. I limit the man made carbs. It can be difficult sometimes and I will at times have a hot wheat roll or a piece of my moms Chocolate cake etc but on a normal day I skip the pasta, bread and anything that comes in a pretty box.

A question / comment I always get is. “I love carbs. How can I completely cut them out of my diet? I’ll never make it.” One thing I suggest to the folks I coach is to start slow. Skip the man made carb at dinner. (no potato, no pasta etc..) Just do this for a couple of weeks. You will start to see results by just doing this. Then move onto something else. Skip the diet soda and have Ice Tea, skip the candy bar and have a handful of nuts.

I can’t wait to get started on reading this new book and I’m sure it will do wonders for me as well as you.


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