Our Disney Trip

So we went to Disney over Easter. We left on Friday and returned on Wednesday night. The weather was perfect and I was ready to hurry up and wait the whole week.

We did some research before going and planned our trip right. Talking with friends and family we were able to prioritize rides and shows.
Day 1 we hung by the pool and then went to Dinner at tthe Poly
Day 2 we did Magic Kingdom, got there when it opened and used the passes, making sure we never had to wait in lines!. By noon we had done all the thrill rides at least once along with some smaller rides. After lunch we went back to hotel for some pool time. Out for Dinner and then back to MK for the Electric Parade and Fireworks.
Day 3 was Hollywood Studios – Make sure you do the passes here too. Rock and Roll Rollercoster and Tower of Terror are very popular along with the Toy Story ride. If you don’t get your passes you could be waiting up to 2 hrs in line.

Each day was Park in AM, lunch , back to Pool and the show at night.

Day 4 was epcot – Sorin was great! get your passes for this ride right away!

Day 5 was Pool all day and then Downtown Disney. Day 6 was Pool and then flown home. Over all it was a busy, relaxing at times, hectic at times vacation. I bet I walked 7 miles a day going from one end of the park to the other timing rides, getting passes etc. It was worth it. We never waited more then 10 min for a ride.

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