NEW for July

I hope you are enjoying your summer.  It sure goes by fast. I was at the beach for a couple of weeks and really enjoyed my time off. It;s great to get away and rest the mind and body!

Here’s what’s new for July.

foxborofitclub.net1. New program called Shift Shop ( I started it on This today and you still have time to join my Challenge group) We motivate each other through social media
The SHIFT SHOP is your perfect on-ramp to fitness, helping you get fit and lose up to 10 pounds in only 3 weeks.  It starts slow and get more intense each week.  It can be found in the store or on Beachbody on Demand. (I just installed the app on my phone – LOVE IT) I’d love to have company doing this program for the next 3 weeks! Together we will get through it.

2. Introducing Daily Sunshine – Kids will love our new healthy, organic smoothie made for picky kids and pickier parents! It’s made with fruits and veggies, plant-based protein, healthy fats, and it’s quick to prepare. 2 flavors – Available in smooth and creamy Chocolate flavor and fruity and sweet Strawberry Banana flavor.


foxborofitclub.net3.  I’m looking to expand my team of coaches in an area that has not been tapped for coaches.
High School and College kids that are into sports or fitness and are looking to make some money. I think there is a huge potential for younger coaches (reps) to reach out to that generation. If you know of anyone 17 – 24 for example who would like to try coaching let me know.  I see a huge potential for this age group!  Friends and teammates can make a big impact. Minimal start up cost, 16 bucks a month for their web site and back office plus their monthly shakeology for example is it.
Thanks for your time. Enjoy the rest of the month.

Please act now and I’ll put you in my private Challenge group for Shift Shop.   Remember being a Beachbody coach(rep) is a great way to earn extra money. If you like fitness, nutrition maybe this is right for you. If you’re in school, this is a great way to earn money and learn how to run your own business!

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