Motivation Can Come From Anywhere.

nav_logoSo this Am, the kids got a muffin from the local Dunkin Donuts on rt 140 in Foxboro. When the bags arrived home there was an extra “coffee muffin” in the bag. I figured, ok, that can’t be thad bad. I’ll have that one. I had my Shakeology with strawberries, the muffin and read my paper.
Once I finished breakfast I went to MFP to log my calories (btw – My fitness Pal is a great site to help you with your diet. Check it out) When I logged the Dunkin Donuts Muffin I was so mad at myself. This thing was over 500 cals and 100 grams of carbs! I try to keep my entire day of carbs around 125.
I was not happy with myself but what was done was done and I won’t be eating one of those again without knowing what to expect.
Anyway I did my AM workout – today I did Plyometrics from P90X. I was halfway through the DVD and though “this is good enough, I want to get to the pool”. Then I remembered the muffin! That muffin motivated me to do the entire 1hr workout of Plyometrics and I worked hard. I burned 600 cals and my heart rate was an avg of 138 and a high of 166. Not bad for 46.
So, that muffin actually helped me today. I was just going to hang by the pool but I did my full cardio workout and I plan on doing a lighter workout later. I decided I was going to burn 1000cals today and thanks to Dunkin’s muffin, I’m motivated to do that!
Have a great weekend.

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