Looking Fit and Feeling Good. What’s Next?

Beachbody-Coach-in-Success-MagazineHi everyone,

So you’ve been working hard with your Beachbody program and or drinking Shakeology. Your friends and family tell you you look great. They ask you how you do it? You tell them about the BB program you are doing, the challenge groups, the online support and the free coaching. That is coaching my friends! The only difference is, instead of them purchasing from BB or someone else, they purchase it from you!

How many of you know someone who bought a program or shakeology because of how you look or feel or what you said about the product?

This is a great way to earn some extra money as well as getting a 25% discount on all products! I pay around 95.00 bucks a month for my Shakeology. A nice savings. How many business out there have a startup cost of 39.99? And that fee is waived if you purchase a challenge pack. Be a product of the product!

Turn your FITNESS into a BUSINESS! If you love working out, helping and motivating others, maybe Beachbody is the business for you. I’m looking for energetic and motivating customes to join my coaching team. Part time or full time, no inventory, minimal overhead, no limit on earning potential. BB spends millions on ads and infomercials . All you do is spread the word, tell your story and motive others to reach their goals by using the BB products! I’m a walking billboard for what they can do! Workout, help others get fit and earn extra money. email me if interested. I’ll explain it further.

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