It’s Turkey Trot and Brigade Time 2015!!

imagesYhank you – We raised close to 90k this year!!

We are getting down to the wire for 2015. We have made it simpler for you to donate to this great cause. This year we have a gofundme page. Please click here and you will be directed directly to the page!
Thank you for your support.

We plan on delivering to over 3000 families this year. Please contribute what ever you can.

Once again, Personal Best Charities is gearing up for what is to be our most successful “Turkey Brigade” fundraiser. The Turkey Brigade is our annual outreach support program for local communities. Last year alone, with your help and support, we delivered over 3,000 families a Thanksgiving dinner.
Happy Thanksgiving! – Tom

Hi all,
As we’ve done the last few years, my family is involved in the Turkey Trot and Brigade Charity. Its run by Personal Best Charities and every year along with hundreds of other families help pack, stage and deliver over 2000 baskets of food and turkeys to needy families in south eastern Mass.

We start in October by raising money doing a 4k run. All the money raised goes directly to the purchase of food. Everything we use or do is donated. No money raised, goes anywhere but to buy food. My son Matthew and I run this every year and look forward to packing, staging and especially delivering the food to the families.

I’ve enclosed some info from a past year. It gives you a good idea of what we do. Just look at all the trays of food ready to be delivered.

If you’d like to donate, please send check made out to “Personal Best Charity” and send to my attention here at Pioneer Investments, 60 State St, Boston MA, 02109

Any amount helps. All Donations are needed by the 15th of October.

If you’d like more info, send me an email.

Check out this picture of all the baskets from last year!

Thank you for your help.

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