It Sucks Getting Old

How many times a day do you hear this from someone? It sucks getting old, or I’m not as young as I use to be, or I’m too old to start now. I hear these excuses all the time. Yes, I said it – excuses. I’m 47 and in the best shape ever. I changed my life. I exercise daily and eat right. Eating right is more important that working out every day. Eat right and just be active. You won’t feel so old. I was once feeling older then my age, became lazy and tired. I stopped making excuses and decided to do something about it! You can too. Do a little bit at a time; you’ll see results and this will motivate you to do more. Trust me it works!

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Do you think eliminating over size sodas is going to change obesity? This is so ridiculous. How about parents educating their children on the effects of soda or not allowing them to drink it when they’re small. So instead of supersizing, I’ll just have 2 regular sodas! People, get with the program. Take some responsibility for your own actions. I believe our government has more important thing to worry about.

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