Is it Vacation Time Yet?

3065129-Travel_Picture-NarragansettWell, here I am in Boston, sitting in my office early Thursday morning. Do I want to be here? No way, Vacations starts tomorrow! I want to be in Narragansett so I can run on Scarborough Beach, Have drinks at George’s, maybe go to Block Island, have ice cream at Moo Moo’s, eat a toasted lobster roll at Aunt Carrie’s, walk or run along the beach, watch sunsets, do early am workouts (one on one’s) but most of all I want to sit on the beach, close my eyes, smell and listen to the ocean. I find the ocean the most relaxing thing in the world.
If you don’t have the luxury to live near the ocean let me try and decribe how it makes me feel. Lets say your laying in the shade with your eyes closed under a huge oak tree. There’s a slight breeze across your face, you can smell fresh cut grass and as you lay there, you can hear a plane off in the distance. Does that sound relaxing? I think so.
Everyone needs down time. We are constanly on the move with work and family life and never really stop to smell the ocean or grass.
Play hard, work hard, but also give your body the rest it needs. It will make you stronger.
Go to the Ocean or lay under a tree. JUST RELAX.

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