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Indian Pond Country Club

Anybody who plays golf knows that 18 holes of swinging can tucker you out, especially if you’re not an avid golfer. Yesterday was my company’s yearly golf tournament for our Pioneer Investment Onlus Charity.

It’s a great turnout and a great tournament. All 18 holes have 2 foursomes starting and it goes all day. Now I workout 6 /7 days a week, cardio, lifting, running etc but let me tell you, after 18 holes and 6 hours of golf at Indian Pond, I am feeling it today. My forearms are sore my legs are sore and my back is sore. First I was thinking golf is a great workout. You see, I don’t play, except for one or twice a year, but now I realize the workout is even better when you’re swinging 6 or 7 time on a par 5. Not good if you’re a golfer. lol

It was a great day, I had fun, we raised alot of money for charity. I may be a Beachbody Coach and in great shape but I’m no golfer and I’m paying the price today!

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