Finish at the 50 – Gillette Stadium

HPfinish50logoMy 13 year old son and I ran the “Finish at the 50” 5K at Gillette Stadium last week. Although it was very hot we had a great time and enjoyed our time together. We shared the run with about 3k people and another 2k for the 10K that started an hour after ours. Kids grow up fast and sooner or later they don’t want to hang with their parents anymore. I try to do as much as possible with them. I talk to them about their interests and try to do things with them that fall into their genre of ideas.
Having friends who have college age kids helps. They have given advice and have told me things to look for. I always try and make time and play etc when asked. These days will be long gone soon and I want to be able to say I spent as much time as possible with them. I rarely ever say no or not now to a request to play a game or help them out.

Well, anyway the race started outside the stadium and we ran around the outskirts of the property and then we entered the stadium and climbed the ramps to the top, ran around the top of the stadium, then ran back down and out the other side, did a short loop and ran back in crossing the 50 yard line to finish. Two things that we enjoyed and were really cool, were seeing yourself on the big screens as you entered the stadium and then the announcer would say your name over the sound system.
Overall we had a great time. Possible thunderstorms cancelled the fireworks but there was plenty to do. We stayed together during the run, talked and threw water at each other throughout the race. We received a metal for our efforts but my reward was spending time with my son.

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