Eat Here To Eat Less

entry_logo-78214172Here’s an article from Real Age. I agree with this 100%. How many times do you stuff your face while watching TV, look down and whatever you were eating is gone? While watching TV you are not focused on the food you are eating. This can result with a second and 3rd trip to the pantry to reload.

Eat Here to Eat Less
By RealAge

This Week’s Tips
Eat Here to Eat Less

Search When it comes to losing weight, it’s not just about what you eat. It’s also about where you eat.

And nutrition experts think that if you chow down in the dining room, it just might help you keep the pounds off.

Be Mindful
The kitchen will work, too. Why? Because experts believe that eating in the kitchen or dining room, rather than the living room in front of the TV or the office in front of the computer, will help you focus on your food — not what’s on the screen. And that’s important, say a growing band of researchers. They suspect the real culprit in the growing obesity epidemic may be a bevy of bad behaviors that fall under the category of “mindless eating.” It’s a distracted kind of eating, where people focus on something other than their plates and, as a result, don’t notice when their bellies are getting full.

A Pair of Portion-Control Pointers
Yep, just like in real estate, the mantra for healthy eating can be summed up in three all-important words: location, location, location. If you still need help being a mindful eater once you move your mouth into the kitchen, try these two tips to keep mealtimes lighter:

Use the skinny glass. Experts say you’ll drink a third more of something if it’s served in a short, fat glass rather than in a tall, skinny one.

Go for 9 inches. To avoid overeating, don’t serve food on plates bigger than 9 inches. Over and over, research has shown that the bigger the bowl or plate, the more people will eat. For instance, in a recent study researchers found that kids will eat twice as much cereal when using a 16-ounce bowl versus when they use an 8-ounce one

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