Drink Your Water People!

waterWe are constantly talking about hydration and how important it is to keep that water going into your system, not only before, during and after workouts but all through the day. At my home in Foxboro we all drink water throughout the day. It helps hydrate, flush your system and keeps you glowing! Remember to bring it with you always but not nessessarily in a plastic bottle. Try a reusable bottle that keeps it cold. You’ll be doing your body good and saving the environment.

Here’s an Article that was in today’s Boston Metro Newspaper, written by Jeff Goldberg

The heat is rising in the city, and so are the amounts of unwanted pounds you’re burning as you sweat your way through rigorous workouts.

But with every drop of water weight that seeps through your workout clothes, the silent danger of dehydration grows larger. Now, more than ever, the importance of staying hydrated while exercising cannot be underestimated.

According to the American Council of Exercise, the body can lose more than a quart of water during one hour of exercise. Dehydration can lead not just to muscle fatigue and cramping, but far more serious conditions, such as heat exhaustion, heat stroke and kidney failure.

“To keep your body running properly, drinking enough water is the most important thing you can do,” said Dr. Stacy Sims, a sports nutritionist at Stamford University.

To prevent dehydration, water or sports drinks must be consumed before, during and after exercise. The ACE recommends 17-20 ounces of water 2-3 hours before exercise and another eight ounces in the hour preceding it. During exercise, 7-10 ounces of water should be consumed for every 10-20 minutes of activity, then another eight ounces within 30 minutes of completion.

For every pound lost during exercise, the body needs 16-24 ounces of water.

Chilling out

The colder the beverage the better, according to studies conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine. “Cold beverages are more palatable during and after exercise,” said former ACSM president Dr. W. Larry Kenney. “This greater palatability will increase consumption.”

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