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untitledThe following questions are the most asked. If you have a question about becoming a Team Beachbody Coach. it’s probably listed below. You can always contact me as well. I’d love to talk to you about it.

Please check out the other video in the Be a Coach section too!

Q: How do I become a coach myself?

A: All you have to do is click here:

Q: How much does it cost to become a coach?

A: There is an initial $39.95 fee to launch you business.
The monthly fee charge of $14.95 for your back office. The back office is a website that Beachbody provides for you that keeps track of your sales, team sales, customers, commissions, as well as some training, sales tools, and much more. Simply investment when your profit is endless! If you are a recent Challenge pack purchaser, the $39.95 will be refunded.

Q: What’s most important when becoming a coach?

A: First thing is first, become an “ACTIVE” coach. Being active will qualify you for your bonuses. To be active, you must obtain 50PV points per month. All products have a PV point value and based on which item it is, some have more than others. Example, a P90X Program is worth 90PV points. The best way to become active right away without worries is by purchasing the SHAKEOLOGY Home Direct. This is worth 90PV. You will become instantly active, receive a great product at an outstanding discount and see great results during your workouts. This is must for a successful coach – how can you sell a product if you don’t take it yourself?

Q: How much time do I have to dedicate in order to be a coach?

A: The amount of time you spend is completely up to you! You are your own destiny and the outcome of having your own business is completely in your hands. When I first started, I spent an hour a day learning the ins and outs of the business, reaching out to at least 2 people a day and trying my best to just get my story out. Now,I spend 2/3 hours a day.

Q: Is the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity a scam?

A: No, not at all, the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity is not a scam. You are your own destiny and how hard you work and what you put into the business will effect what you get out of the business.

Q: What are some of the benefits of becoming an Independent Beachbody Coach?


You have the opportunity to help others get into shape and live a healthier lifestyle.
You receive 25% off all Beachbody products.
You get your own personalized website/store.
You are not responsible for shipping or inventory.
You have unlimited income potential.
You are a personal business owner.
You have the opportunity to purchase the Showcase Package.
Q: What is the Showcase Package?

A: For just $199, you can purchase a collection of Beachbody workout programs that normally costs over $400! The programs included are Turbo Jam, Power 90, Slim in 6, Yoga Booty Ballet, Hip Hop Abs, and P90X. You will also receive a set of B-Lines Resistance Bands and a YBB Squishy Ball. (As a note of comparison: the retail price of P90X is $119.85 plus S&H, and for just $80 more, you can have 5 more programs!)

Q: Do I have to have a great transformation to be a coach?

A: No! You have to have a passion for helping others and the desire to succeed. The earlier you start, the better! Don’t hold out on this opportunity just because you didn’t see a transformation as good as someone else’s. That will not effect your success as a coach!

Q: What if I’m not very knowledgable about fitness?

A: You don’t have to be a fitness expert to be a Beachbody coach. I knew some stuff. I’ve done a lot of research over to learn as much as I could about fitness and what it takes to help others reach their desired goals. The best time to start is NOW! Again, the sooner the better. Once your involved, you will learn more and more useful tips from other coaches. Its about building relationships, watching and helping people succeed while you succeed yourself!

Q: Will I get the proper training?

A: Beachbody has an excellent training program called the Game Plan, You will review when you sign up to coach. I will be in contact with you to set up a personal call to discuss everything. As your sponsor, I will be in constant contact with you and provide you with all the tools necessary to become successful in this business.

Q: Is the Coaching Opportunity open to anyone outside the US?

A: Currently, the Coaching Business is open to the US and Canda!

Q: How do I make money being a coach?

A: You make commission on all the products your customers purchase, new/renewal of Club Memberships and Team Bonuses. Once you build a successful foundation of other coaches, you can receive bonuses based on the amount of sales they are ringing up. Payday is EVERY WEEK, Thursdays.

Here’s a quick video with real people, real coaches:

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