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Beachbody-Coaching-Opportunity-Available-In-Canada-300x276This article was written by fellow coach Greg Barth.

Oh Canada! The Team Beachbody Coaching opportunity is now open to Canada starting on October 1, 2012! If you are hooked on or want to try P90X®, Insanity® or TurboFire then becoming a Beachbody coach is the next best thing! Or if you are a fitness trainer, becoming a Beachbody coach allows you to reach customers across the United States and now Canada!

What is a Beachbody Coach? Click here to find out!

Beachbody Coaching in Canada – Details
You will become a Team Beachbody coach just like any other current US citizen but you will receive all your commissions in United States currency. Once the full launch of the coaching opportunity goes into effect, you will then receive all Canadians currency. You will also keep all your existing customers and downline coaches. The complete launch will turn over sometime in mid 2013 but the opportunity will open to start on October 1st, 2012!

This is a HUGE opportunity to get in on the ground floor as one of the first Canadian Beachbody coaches!

The Rules – Beachbody Coaching in Canada
No advertising – No newspaper ads or solicitating. You can invite people to fit clubs and challenge groups. Basically you want to connect with those that need your help to get the best results with their fitness and nutrition. You can reach an endless amount of people simply by using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. That is just naming a few!

No reselling – This basically means that you can’t buy programs and then resell them. You will need to direct all of your customers to your storefront on This isn’t an issue because it is already how I am running my business.

Retail Selling and Beachbody Coaching in Canada
If you live in Canada you already know that the Beachbody fitness workouts are currently available on retail shelves like Walmart. Over the next few months they will be removed and won’t be available in the brick and mortar stores. Being able to work with a coach and order the products through a coach has been proven to be way more successful. Having a coach hold them accountable and providing them the support they need is critical to achieve their fitness goals.

Canada is a huge country and up until now, no one has been able to sign up as a coach. By signing up as soon as it opens on October 1st, you will get a head start on the rest of the country and be able to get your business off to a rocket start!

I’m trying to control my excitement as Team Beachbody moves this great opportunity into Canada. It’s been a long time of waiting. Now is the time to take action! To get started, go here.

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