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I have some exciting news to share! I have joined Better Living Real Estate.

If you know me up close and personal, you know that I’m dedicated, passionate and loyal about everything I set my mind to, my family and my friends. I believe we all deserve the best treatment, love, support and motivation. In business, I’ve met and worked alongside many people and some have become great friends. I’m also loyal to businesses that are honest, diligent and truly want me to succeed. I work with many businesses, some of them for over 13 years! Why? Because of the people and the way they’re oriented to help me succeed. They do what it takes to help me. If I succeed, they succeed. Most importantly, it’s about relationships and growing those relationships. How many people can say they have the same broker, contractor or architect for 12 years?

There are many people and companies that are just out to make a buck. In the long run, they will fail, lose valued customers and never be happy. When I became a Beachbody Coach, my main goal was to meet and help people get fit. My coach changed my life and I wanted to pay it forward. Yes, I was making money, but it wasn’t all about the money. I was building relationships and motivating others, whether they bought a program or not. This motivated me to get fit and my customers kept coming back. They reached their goals and told others. There was nothing better than getting that email or call saying how excited they were that they had lost 15 pounds and wanted to thank me for motivating them. The business grew and I continued to do what is best for the customer, NOT what is best for my pocketbook!
I’ve had my real estate license for over 13 years but never found the right brokerage that truly represented my passion for helping others and placing the customer’s needs first. I have now found that brokerage! Better Living Real Estate!

After meeting with the owner, Bob Simone we both knew this was the place for me. Just read this blurb I took from the website – “Our mission is to help build a “Better Living For A Better Life” for our clients and associates. We do that by always keeping your needs as our top priority. Real Estate brokerage should be a lot more than just buying or selling a property, it should be about “You.” Better Living Real Estate offers all of the same base level services as any other real estate franchise, but we go further.”

This is what I’m all about! This is how I live my life! This is why I’ve decided to join Better Living Real Estate! I will continue to help people like you and me, developing relationships, understanding your needs and finding the right property or buyer so you too have a Better Life. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Yup, I’ll be busy with my day job, Beachbody coaching and RE, but I’m energized! So, If you’re looking to buy or sell in MA / RI, or know someone who is – You know I’m a dedicated and persistent guy. I would love for the chance to be your RE Adviser.

This is a one time post on this site. Please email me at and visit our site

Tom –

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