And thats That!

It was only a week ago, I was all excited about getting away and relaxing in Narragansett. Well, tonight I’m home and I already feel like I never left Foxboro! It was great and the weather fas nice too. Every day we had sun except today, which made us decide to come home. I was sitting on the rocks at the Pt Judith Light House this am in the fog. Although it was damp, cool and foggy, the sound of the ocean was still soothing! Its great to clear the mind when ever possible.
I did a few Tony Horton one on ones this week and tried to stick to my diet but it is vacation after all. I had a Shakeology every morning and some sort of fish or shell fish for dinner. I did eat more bread and other carbs then usuall but I still drank plenty of water and I know I can burn that off easy!
Starting tomorrow will be a new program that will go for about a month. We’ll be getting ready for our Fit Club here in Foxboro at the Taylor school too.

Please sign up or drop me a note on anything you see here. Don’t forget I have a limited amount of Shakeology Samples too.

Talk to you soon


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