Beachbody On Demand – Start NOW!

Beachbody On Demand  – Start NOW!

This Beachbody on Demand review is based on my own experience.  I’ve been using it now for about a year.


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What Is Beachbody On Demand?

It is a huge library of all Beachbody programs online available for streaming – and new releases and updates every once in a while. The access is unlimited, meaning you can watch any number of workouts per day, on any device, irrespective of location or time.

You can use your laptop, tablet, and smartphone to play each of these videos, leaving no excuse for not doing a workout.

Included are the meal plans, calendars to track your progress and all the info from each Beachbody workout that you’d get otherwise. As long as you are participating, these tools are all yours along with the vast library of workouts and customized plans

The list goes on to include a 10% discount on all future purchases from Beachbody, and gives you the opportunity to attend live chats with each of the trainers.

beachbody-on-demand-review-3Supposing that you are anxious to read the pros and cons of this program let me start right away. Here are the sweet bits first.

Beachbody on Demand is a huge library of professionally created workouts. Over 400 videos and still growing.

Also it allows Premium Club members to stream DVD programs they have purchased from Beachbody. Programs available to stream after purchase under Purchased Programs currently include: 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Body Beast, Focus T25, Insanity MAX:30, P90, PiYo and the Cize workout.

Variety in programs

While some target losing weight, others aim for more muscle definition or bulk. And since this Beachbody on Demand review won’t describe each workout program separately, allow me to reassure you that most of them are far better than you’d hope for.

The question that was ricocheting around though, was not whether these workouts are great or not, but were they great for a specific goal (say losing weight, building muscle, getting more definition). It’s hard to make a mistake when you have all of them to compare and decide what to go with.

Besides, taste changes over time, and you might want to build more muscle where you previously wanted to lose more weight or vice versa. As compared to DVD programs, Beachbody on Demand makes it far easier.

Change pace, diversify, build custom programs and never get bored

Truth be told, I tried a handful of workouts from Beachbody, and all of them gave me results I haven’t quite hoped for at the time. However, after a while, boredom most definitely kicks in. You either have to pause for a while only to come back to the same routine, or change to another program which translates into another purchase. And since Beachbody programs last for about two or three months (some of them one), you will be spending five times the money, while still remaining tied to your DVD, TV or laptop.

You can customize your schedules, and create hybrid workout programs so you never get bored. The net is full with customization templates, and there are two of ours that I’m sharing for free bellow.

One month trial period for free

Meaning you don’t have to pay a dime for the first 30 days, and there is no obligation whatsoever – you can stop the trial period and that’s that. The second month, and all that follow cost $12 per month.



Mobile is great – and you will be going mobile with this one. Working out anywhere is one thing, being able to do the program you want is another. I’m in a hotel, bring my laptop to the little gym and hit play.

Other info

  • 10% discount on all things Beachbody.
  • Most of the deluxe packages are included – meaning, you will get access to the latest versions of each workout program.
  • T-shirts can still be earned
  • Videos in HD, instant streaming
  • This is kind of an online gym with a bunch of personal trainers that you can take anywhere you want. The level of accountability is the same – as long as you are paying, you are more likely to participate. This gives you a better incentive to work out, and utilize all of the tools available at your disposal- which makes it more likely to stay in shape, and improve your performance, muscle mass, and burn fat tissue.

Contact me for more info or for 30 days of Free workouts!

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